Tuesday, August 16, 2011

$8.23 without salad, $6.89 with salad

This is nuts. Even though I have a dinner all ready planned and executed, I am in line at KFC, because it is Sue’s birthday and she has a craving. I can fit 4 pieces of Kentucky Fried Chicken into the plan. So I order 4 pieces, no fries, no salad, no super-sized pop. Just chicken.

That will be $8.23.

However, if I would like a salad it will be only $6.89.

Huh? While it is excellent when business strives to deliver more and charge less, it just does not make sense to me that I can save $1.34 but agreeing to take one of their salads.

The lady behind the counter has been serving chicken, fries and salad for ever. I asked her if this makes sense to her? She just smiled wearily and asked me which salad I would like with my chicken?

I have never been fond of KFC’s salads. It seems that even KFC might be aware that their salads need some work, because one of my university class mates did a market research assignment for KFC on some new salads that they were thinking of introducing. Mind you, they never did introduce the new salads.

Notwithstanding, today I will take one of their salads and throw it out when I get home, to save $1.34.

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